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Exploring Hanoi

Love Pho

Got up early on first day(Sunday) and went exploring with my business associate. Our furnished apartments are in the Ba Dinh section of Hanoi. I have no idea of where that is in relation to the rest of the city but appears to be in a local neighborhood. I saw no other Americans in our walk around the area.

Went to Lakeside Hotel for breakfast buffet since our apt complex wasn't serving on Sunday. For $7 got a nice variety in buffet of Asian food. Got to try my first bowl of Pho with chicken. This is the main dish of Vietnam and I loved it-spicy. After breakfast walked for blocks and blocks exploring all the side streets and taking in the sites.

Hard to fully explain the overwhelming noise from cars and scooters and constant honking. I was prepared for all the scooters but it is still a site to behold. Saw families of 4 on one small scooter. We couldn't believe at 8 am on a Sunday all of the traffic. I'm not sure where everyone was going.

Found some nice quiet streets with local restaurants that we will probably try out later. There is also a nice lake near our place and we walked around it. We then wondered into a farmers market on a side street. Lots of gorgeous vegetables, fresh fish still flopping around in the water, plenty of plucked chickens.

Decided to stop in a bakery. It had beautiful cakes, fresh pastries and rolls still warm from the oven. We bought a sampling of goodies and some canned juices for $3. Then stopped at local convenience store and picked up 3 bottles water and a beer for $1. Unreal how cheap everything is here.

Also getting used to no English signs in our neighborhood. All the stores are very small shops, many of them cooking meat right outside of them. Think we will wait a little bit before trying that food.

Resting now before we head out to the Old Quarter for more exploring. Will try to load pictures once I figure out how.

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The journey east

28 hours flying

Arrived in Hanoi last night (Saturday) at 11 pm. Flew delta to Atlanta then business class on Korean air to South Korea then to Hanoi. Left 7am Friday and arrived two days later. Loved business class -had the sleeper lay flat seats. What a great invention. Korean Air was wonderful. The flight attendants look like stewardess use to back in the old Pan Am days. Got 4 course meals for lunch and dinner. I took advantage of having some champagne and wine and great guava juice that they kept passing around.

No one was in seat next to me and I was able to actually sleep for about 5 hours. Much easier on a plane when you are lying flat.

Arrived in Korea after 15 hour flight and took advantage of the Korean Air lounge and took a shower. Arrived in Hanoi the airport is definately very old looking, however the visa process was efficient and quick. Exchanged some money and then meet driver who took us to our apartments. Slept a few hours and woke up around 5 am.

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Hanoi here I come

The adventure begins

Leaving tomorrow for Vietnam. The good news is that I was told to rebook my flight for business class on Korean Air. I'm very excited about that since their business class seats are separate contained sleep seats that lay flat, also includes first class meals, access to premium lounge in Korea airport. I think I might get spoiled flying that way. Tickets cost over $9500 for business class so greatly appreciate my work authorizing it. I'll take pics of the sleeper seats.

Leave Friday at 7 am. And arrive in Hanoi at 10 pm.

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Pinch Me - It's really happening...

I'm going to Vietnam

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Yes that is correct - I'm going to Vietnam !! Never thought I'd be saying that phrase.

I'll be heading to Hanoi on April 5th to spend 5 weeks on a business trip. This opportunity came up last week so I'm busy trying to prepare for being gone from Murrells Inlet SC for 5 weeks.

Booked the plane ticket today so it feels real now. This will be my first overseas trip- only time I've been out of the USA is on cruises to Caribbean. Nothing like making my first trip something completely different.

Not looking forward to spending 28 hours getting to Vietnam. Longest flight I've ever had is 9 hours to Maui. This will be 28 hours total travel time. Myrtle Beach SC to Atlanta GA and then 15 hours to South Korea and then 4 1/2 hours to Hanoi. Basically leave early on a Friday and arrive late on a Saturday.

Since I'll be gone so long I thought I'd try my first travel blog so that I can share my trip with family and friends.

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